GoodLink services announced by Cingular Wireless

31 May 2005 | Cingular | 0 comments

Cingular Wireless has announced today that it will start providing an award-winning wireless messaging from Good Technology, called GoodLink. This new service will offer email and PIM capabilities. Cingular will include GoodLink in the $45/month unlimited data option....

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Canadians invent super thin lens for mobile phone cameras

23 May 2005 | | 0 comments

Canadian researchers announced that they have invented a new lens technology that will increase the quality of mobile phone camera pictures. The new lens is five times thinner than paper and can zoom and focus with no moving parts....

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T-Mobile USA introduces the Motorola V330

17 May 2005 | Motorola , T-Mobile | 0 comments

T-Mobile USA has announced a new handset from Motorola, the V330, which is an updated version of the V300. Features include a 176 x 220 px 65.000 color display, VGA camera and 5 MB of memory. A new feature of...

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Windows Mobile 5.0 announced by Microsoft

11 May 2005 | Smartphone , Software | 0 comments

Yesterday, at Microsoft Mobile & Embedded DevCon 2005, an annual event organised by Microsoft, Bill Gates announced the release of Windows Mobile 5.0. Apparently, Microsoft has decided to drop the "2005" from its title for unknown reasons. Anyway, this version...

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Will Nokia N91 beat Apple's iPod?

10 May 2005 | Nokia | 0 comments

With the announcement of the N91 handset by Nokia, some people started wondering if this will be the end of the iPod. Other still question its durability, battery life and especially its design. The N91 not only became a competitor...

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