Verizon Communications offer FTTP deal to Motorola

20 Apr 2005 | Motorola , Verizon Wireless | 0 comments

Verizon has awarded Motorola today a five-year contract to supply equipment in support of the deployment of next-generation fiber-to-the- premises (FTTP) networks. This technology will help Verizon deliver advanced services, including innovative broadband, video entertainment and quality voice services to...

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Sprint's first quarter report

20 Apr 2005 | Sprint | 0 comments

Sprint has announced today its first quarter earnings. They have reported a 94% improvement compared to the first quarter of 2004. Sprint had $472 million net income ($225 million, same period in 2004) and a revenue of $3.87 billion. Operating...

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Cingular Wireless' first quarter report

20 Apr 2005 | Cingular , Financial | 0 comments

Cingular Wireless has announced today its earnings for the first quarter of this year. Although their custumers number went up with 1.4 million (now with a total of 50.4 million), they reported a $240 million loss on operating revenue of...

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Panasonic is off the US Market

20 Apr 2005 | Panasonic | 0 comments

Panasonic has announced that it will stop mobile phone operations in the United States. The company wasn't able to find any carrier partners to sell its phones. Panasonic completed a seven month reorganization process to focus on sales of its...

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Handango releases BlackBerry download stats

20 Apr 2005 | Handango | 0 comments

Handango, the leading provider of mobile downloads, has identified a collection of trends indicating that third-party applications for BlackBerry, developed by RIM (Research In Motion), have reached a tipping point - the point at which sales begin to accelerate exponentially...

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