Nokia brings Yahoo! services to its smart mobile phones

26 Apr 2005 | Nokia , Yahoo | 0 comments

Nokia has announced today a partnership with Yahoo! which involves selling smart mobile phones with embedded Yahoo messaging, search and web browsing. Nokia said that three of these smart phones will have Yahoo's software on them: the Nokia 6680, 6681...

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Nokia 5140i has been launched

26 Apr 2005 | Nokia | 0 comments

Nokia has announced the new Nokia 5140i which will meet requirements of an upcoming EU environmental legislation. Beside the VGA camera, this mobile phone will feature FM radio, Push-to-Talk and Nokia Xpress audio messaging functionality, which enables users to record...

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Swedish 3G extension from Nokia and 3GIS

25 Apr 2005 | Nokia | 0 comments

Nokia has announced today that it has signed an extension contract with 3G Infrastructure Services AB from Sweden and will offer improved service across the country. This is the world's first shared 3G network, and it is planned to serve...

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Smart mobile phones being threatened by trojans

23 Apr 2005 | Security , Smartphone | 0 comments

According to SimWorks, the number of viruses affecting smart mobile phones stands at about 52. These smart phones belong to the Nokia Series 60 which use Symbian OS. The trojans are located mostly in cracked versions of games like BitStorm,...

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T-Mobile street-level wireless coverage maps

23 Apr 2005 | T-Mobile | 0 comments

T-Mobile USA added, through its website, street-level coverage maps of its wireless network. Users can enter an address and intersections to check maps and predict wireless coverage area outdoors....

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