Nokia brings Yahoo! services to its smart mobile phones

26 Apr 2005 | Nokia , Yahoo | 0 comments


Nokia has announced today a partnership with Yahoo! which involves selling smart mobile phones with embedded Yahoo messaging, search and web browsing. Nokia said that three of these smart phones will have Yahoo's software on them: the Nokia 6680, 6681 and the 6630. This deal will help Nokia users to stay informed, entertained and in touch through Yahoo!'s internet services.

"This agreement is a progressive step in the adoption of an online lifestyle. We are providing consumers with a familiar way of accessing the Internet and Yahoo e-mail," said Harry Santamaki, Vice President at Nokia.

This agreement is also meant to boost smartphone sales. The high-end handsets make up less than a percentage of the world's more than 1.2 billion cell phones. But smart phones powered by operating systems from Microsoft and Symbian, a company partly owned by Nokia, are expected to become much more common over the next decade if handset prices drop.