Smart mobile phones being threatened by trojans

23 Apr 2005 | Security , Smartphone | 0 comments


According to SimWorks, the number of viruses affecting smart mobile phones stands at about 52. These smart phones belong to the Nokia Series 60 which use Symbian OS. The trojans are located mostly in cracked versions of games like BitStorm, BugMe!, Cosmic Fighter, 3D Motoracer and SplashID.

Mobile phone viruses can to the same damage as PC ones. It can corrupt the phone, make data disappear or send photos to all the contacts. That's why SimWorks adviced users to do exactly what PC users should do: stop accepting files from stragers, or download cracked software.

Estimates say that by 2010, one out of three people will own a smartphone and virus threats will rise even more because mobile phone viruses spread faster than computer viruses.