Handango releases BlackBerry download stats

20 Apr 2005 | Handango | 0 comments


Handango, the leading provider of mobile downloads, has identified a collection of trends indicating that third-party applications for BlackBerry, developed by RIM (Research In Motion), have reached a tipping point - the point at which sales begin to accelerate exponentially based on a variety of market factors.

Handango has increased its investment in BlackBerry technology with a new version of Handango InHand for BlackBerry, Handango’s white label on-device catalog and download manager solution, as well as a new consumer newsletter for BlackBerry and marketing programs for BlackBerry developers.

"Using our proprietary customer data, we have identified a set of trends that indicate tremendous momentum around BlackBerry. With accelerating growth in BlackBerry sales, wireless activations remain amazingly high, and the interest and uptake of third-party applications is beating all of our expectations," said Randy Eisenman, president and chief executive officer at Handango.

Among the key data points:

  • Overall Handango software sales for BlackBerry are up 1,201 percent over the same quarter last year and 64 percent over Q4 2004.

  • Sales per unique BlackBerry customer are 13 percent higher than Palm OS and are growing.

  • Visitors to BlackBerry download portals powered by Handango are up 29 percent over Q4 2004.

  • Conversion rate for BlackBerry customers is 69 percent higher than palmOne customers throughout Q1 2005.

  • The number of third-party BlackBerry applications has grown an average of 41 percent quarter over quarter from Q1 2004 to Q1 2005.

Handango has also launched a new version of its consumer newsletters for BlackBerry users, as well as new marketing programs for BlackBerry developers to help them take advantage of the growing number of BlackBerry application channels Handango is creating. More information about Handango’s newsletters can be found at www.handango.com/Newsletter.jsp, and more information about the Handango Developer Program is available at www.handango.com/partners.